Should Residents Support New Tax for Sports Complex?


Natchitoches City Council January 2016

by J.Q. Collectif

While appearing on a local radio talk show this past week, Lee Posey, Mayor of the City of Natchitoches, discussed the City’s plan to put a new tax initiative on the ballot this Spring. The proposed ad valorem tax, if passed, will fund a new recreational complex that will be built on property owned – and made available for use – by Northwestern State University.  According to Mayor Posey, the complex will offer playing fields for sporting events as well as walking trails. The Mayor anticipates that the complex will draw numerous tournaments to the area.

Mayor Posey, it is time to prioritize our issues in the City and Parish of Natchitoches.   The most important tax to be renewed this Spring is the Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Sales Tax – this is a MUST!

The second priority would be for the voters to support and approve a transportation fund tax dedicated to the proper maintenance and repair of all the roads – both City and Parish.

Finally, the proposed recreation complex is a worthy endeavor and funding for it should be sought in Baton Rouge before we ask the voters to place it on a higher priority than our law enforcement and streets & roads!

According to the City of Natchitoches website, the City will hold a public hearing on Monday, January 25th at 5:30 p.m. to consider adopting a resolution that would put the ad valorem tax on the ballot.  The public is encouraged to attend to voice their opinion.  The meeting will be held at the Arts Center located at 716 Second St. in Natchitoches.

15 thoughts on “Should Residents Support New Tax for Sports Complex?

  1. This is so stupid. The city has no need for any sport “reacreactional” building. How about some new roads and better law enforcement and city council memebers with a brain. You’ll are already making us pay for thing we don’t want.!!!!!

  2. All these comments come from purely emotional reactions and knee jerk attitudes. Gotta think before you open your mouth. Nothing has been decided on this proposal (and that’s all this is). Suggest each of the individuals commenting and throwing out their opinions go to the public hearing and participate in the discussion before taking the negative high road. Plans are in place to repair streets and roads in this city and parish and need to be given a chance to play out. Road conditions didn’t get bad overnight and cannot be fixed overnight.

  3. I think this is a wonderful idea! One that should be done. With the funding coming from sponsors who can benefit or just want to see a sports complex built in Natchitoches. Those that could benefit from advertising on the fencing and by other means include, hotels, restaurants, sports equipment outlets and suppliers, retail stores, car dealers, politicians or anyone else who wants the exposure. NOT THE TAX PAYERS! It makes better sense to spend OUR money on our roads. Roads that don’t destroy the vehicles of those trying to get to the sports complex events.

    Natchitoches Parish is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. But is also an embarrassment to us residents that pay our taxes and have to have our family, friends or business associates, that come from out of town, drive on the roads we have to face driving on everyday. We all want our area to grow and bring in new businesses with jobs but I believe the condition of our roads is the first impression they get of the leadership we have here in our Parish and it cannot be good. This kind of negativity has plagued our Parish for decades. Smart corporations understand what it takes in a community to support their needs and it is not always only tax incentives.

    Just take a drive to Sabine Parish and notice the difference in the roads. If fixing our roads takes a dedicated fund where the money CAN NOT be spent on anything but roads it might work BUT why would these funds have to be restricted so strongly in the first place? Maybe, just maybe, the problem is the ones we chose to elect are the ones that cannot be trusted to sit in the seats of leadership.

    Common sense?

  4. Every few days there is an article in the news about some government body getting record tax revenues, especially the feds. Yet all politicians do is bitch about not having enough money. I can only conclude they are stealing it. The founders of this country showed us what to do about taxation without representation….

  5. So whose back is getting scratched with this proposed rec center? Whose friends will get the contract to build this idiotic thing while I drive on roads that a third world country would be ashamed of?

  6. Why on earth doesn’t NSU get the funding for this from Baton Rouge? Oh yeah, they don’t have any money left. These people on the city council need to get off their fat, lazy rear ends and drive around the parish (not just the city) and see the pitiful condition our rural roads are in BEFORE they ask for money to fund something stupid like a rec center. Taxes here are too high already.

  7. We need drivable roads, NOT a sports complex. We pay all kinds of taxes yet our roads are deplorable and y’all think a sports complex is a good idea? Wow. I am simply amazed at the lack of forethought our council members are showing in regards to what issues are most pressing! Smh

  8. This is so stupid. The city has no need for any sport “reacreactional” building. How about some new roads and better law enforcement and city council memebers with a brain.

  9. I’m sure there must be some ‘trade off’ here that I’m not seeing. Why is the city wanting to build something on property not belonging to them? Surely NSU would retain some kind of ‘covenant’ on the property, and where does that leave the city in the event of some unforeseen dispute? Also, the stated ‘allure’ of travel ball tournaments should be a boon for the local motels. Perhaps the tax to be considered should one directed at the travel industry.

  10. What is Posey smoking????? I have a message to the voters of the city, as a parish resident, I can not do anything about him, but if you would, PLEASE GET RID OF HIM!!!!!!!!!

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