Ponderings with Doug – January 22, 2016

dougthumbBoat is defined as a hole in the water into which a person pours their money.
I was looking forward to storing the boat in the new storage building beyond Walmart. I called and reserved a space. After procrastinating for a couple of weeks, the day came to move the boat to its winter storage place.

As I pulled out of the driveway, I thought something was strange. The truck didn’t seem to have the usual pulling pep. It must be my imagination. As I arrived at my left turn, I thought I smelled rubber burning. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw smoke and sparks flying from the back of the boat trailer. Unless you live in Los Angeles and own one of those street rods, normality does not include smoke and sparks coming from your moving vehicle. I longed to be a layperson so I could say the proper ventilation word over the sparks and smoke.

The smoke and sparks were sure signs that I should return home. I limped back home. I backed the boat in the driveway by myself. I have learned to back the fool thing, but I need someone riding shotgun. The trailer was parked. I had only one near miss with a phone pole, but other than that; uneventful.

The left rear wheel was not turning and had rubbed a flat-bald spot into that tire. Of course by the time I got home the wheel was turning as well as a wheel worn flat on one side could. I don’t know what happened. I imagine that the proper discovery of what locked the wheel up will cost me some kind of boating repair housecall.

My luck continues, this particular trailer needs real tires. The trailer tires are actually larger than the tires on my wife’s Toyota golf cart car. I have spent a couple of hundred dollars buying a new tire and rim and having the destroyed tire replaced. It is not boating season, it is storage season. In theory, my wallet should get a nautical break. But oh no, I continue to pour money into that hole in the water known as a boat.

I did get an extra boat tire and a real car-jack out of this trailer adventure. If something is broken or needs fixing the proper response is always to purchase a new tool or two. I have a room full of tools that I have only used once, but I am prepared for the next bizarre disaster.

So if anyone knows about boat trailers, call me before I destroy another tire, or discover the hard way that I killed the brakes on that side of the trailer.

The trailer has four wheels;one not working shouldn’t be a big deal, right? Three were working one was watching.  Have you seen that happen in life? Seventy-five percent was good enough to get the boat trailer home; I should be satisfied with that, right?

I want to say that we all have our weight to pull. We all have odious tasks to perform. We all have times and situations that stink, but we must show up. We must do our part. We must participate. Life is living only to the extent you are participating in it. Jesus said it like this, “Whoever would be my disciple must deny themselves take up their cross and follow me.”

Yeah, I’m talking to you!