Ponderings with Doug – January 29, 2016


There is a great cooperative effort here in Natchitoches Parish. It is the Cane River Food Pantry. The Cane River Food Pantry is the grandchild of the food pantry started in Robeline. A group of churches have organized to make sure this ministry continues to help those who need a little extra help putting food on the table. The city of Natchitoches is loaning the ministry space temporarily. Food is distributed on the second Saturday of the month at the Pantry’s location on Edwina Drive. If you want to drop by and help consider yourself invited!

The congregations who formed this ministry have been generous in their support of the Food Pantry. Your contributions last summer were overwhelming and some continue to give to this cause. It has grown because of your generosity.

I have an opportunity to givegenerously to the Food Pantry.

In a moment of weakness or complete insanity I said yes and found myself a Natchitoches Parish Councilperson. I am going to see if I can be “in the world but not of the world.” In so many ways government work is like church work, but right now I won’t draw the parallels for you, I’m saving that article! I was actually surprised that I was paid for this political service. I think we might have better government if it were not seen as a career track but public service. I digress!

I am giving all of my Parish paycheck to the Cane River Food Pantry. After taxes and whatnot I will give over four hundred dollars a month to the food pantry. I thought that would be the best use of money I was receiving from the tax payers of Natchitoches Parish. Each council member is paid 500 a month. The problem is little money adds up. There are five of us on the Council. We serve four year terms. Over the course of the term of office, you pay 120,000.00 to the members of the Parish Council to represent you. The paying of representatives is repeated at almost every level of government.

I will give over twenty thousand dollars to the Cane River Food Pantry over the course of my term as a member of the Parish Council.I know of other representatives who give away most of their salaries from governmental bodies. God bless them.

As the Food Pantry starts 2016, there are a couple of things I ask of you. Would you consider sending a check for twenty dollars and sixteen cents to the Cane River Food Pantry? You will notice I have upped the amount from last year by one penny. Also on Super Bowl Sunday we are collecting peanut butter and jelly for the food pantry. If you would like to help us with that you can drop the peanut butter and jelly by the offices of First United Methodist Church. Our offices are located at 220 Amulet in Natchitoches.

If you would like to help monetarily you can mail your checks to:

The Cane River Food Pantry
P.O. Box 120
Natchitoches, Louisiana 71458

Last month, five hundred people were helped by Food Pantry. I am so appreciative of you, the churches and the city of Natchitoches for making this ministry happen. We talk almost daily of the miracle you are helping to create.

Do you support a cause that transforms lives?