Nasty Natty Water Got You Down?

Nasty Natty Water

By Natalie Covher

Everyone has been asking about the fishy smelling and bad tasting water. Utilities Director Bryan Wimberly gave us some answers at the last City Council meeting. Basically, our outdated water treatment facility can’t keep up with the problems the weather has been throwing at it. The water treatment facility can supply us with safe drinking water but it stinks and there is no quick fix.

So what can we do to improve the taste of our water today? The answer is similar to the long term answer for the water treatment facility, Activated Carbon. It may take a while before the public water supply will be treated with Activated Carbon but you can begin filtering your water at home with it now.

Activated Carbon can remove many of the taste and odor issues plaguing our tap. It is commonly found in water filter options provided by big brands like Brita, Pur, Culligan and Ace.

There are a few different types available including the more common Water Bottle, Pitcher and Faucet-Mounted and the less common Under Sink and Whole House. They can be found at Wal-Mart and Stines.

Keep in mind that the filters may also filter out the disinfectant quality of the water. Those installing Under Sink and Whole House filters should bypass the filters from time to time to disinfect the pipes between the filter and the faucet.

If filtering is not enough, try fruit infused water. Add fruit and herbs to your filtered water and let sit in your fridge for a day. Try combos like rosemary and grapefruit, watermelon and mint, strawberry, lemon and basil or orange and blueberry.

The Whole House filter is the only filter that will help with bath water. There are some types of shower head filters available online. In the mean time, bath salts, shower bombs and essential oils can help make bathing a more pleasant experience.

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  1. Not everyone is complaining. I am satisfied with the Natchitoches water. My only complaint was with the excessive and long-lasting chlorine burn last year. That was tough to deal with.

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