Natchitoches Parish Benefits from NPSO Efficiency & Focus


The Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office is funded by the taxpayers of Natchitoches Parish, who entrust us to provide law enforcement protection, response to citizens’ service calls, and community service programs.

The Administration Division of the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office ensures that all divisions of the Sheriff’s Office are operating efficiently, properly funded to carry out their mission, and to measure their performance in accordance with professional law enforcement standards.

Kenny Kaufman serves as the Chief Deputy of the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Speaking of standards, we dedicate significant funds to train and test the standards applicable to every deputy at the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Victor Jones firmly believes in having the highest quality law enforcement professionals serving the community. Our Training Division provides annual 40 hour re-training programs that includes firearms certification, stress combat courses, investigation techniques, field sobriety testing, and defensive tactics. Additionally, deputies receive updated annual training on other aspects of their profession including traffic management, courtroom testimony procedures, ethics training, first aid, CPR, and the use of AED devices.

Certain divisions require specialized training to perform their duties. The SWAT team receives training in crisis management and active shooter response. The High Tech Crime Unit is trained to help protect citizens from online fraud and counterfeit money.
The citizens of Natchitoches Parish deserve a Sheriff’s Office that is ready for any potential situation and we want to ensure our team is ready to perform all duties safely and successfully.

In order for our deputies to succeed, we fully equip and maintain the equipment for each division. One of largest expenses we incur is keeping our patrol fleet operational at all times. We must make sure that our vehicles can quickly respond to a service call, an automobile accident, or any emergency situation. We reduce some costs by performing regular routine maintenance of our fleet internally at our motor pool at the Detention Center.

Additionally, we invest funds in keeping all technology equipment up to date in our vehicles, our offices, and at our 911 Communications Center. The use of updated technology has allowed us to respond much quicker to an emergency and to pinpoint our closest deputy who can be on the scene first to provide assistance to an emergency situation.

The Administration Division, under the direction of Sheriff Victor Jones, is focused on operating our budget in a prudent and efficient manner. We feel that we are good stewards of your tax dollars and are providing a good return of investment and trust in the NPSO.

With the continued support of the citizens, we will continue to provide the highest quality law enforcement protection and beneficial community based services that benefit children, senior citizens and families of Natchitoches Parish.