When a citizen contacts the Sheriff’s Office to request service or is in need of assistance, they are responded to by the Patrol Division, which is the most visible division of the NPSO. The Patrol division is considered the ‘backbone’ of the Sheriff’s Office because we patrol, respond, encounter, and work with citizens everyday throughout Natchitoches parish.

The Patrol Division traverses all roads and highways in Natchitoches Parish during our daily, and nightly, patrols. The result of these constant patrols provides a visible presence of the NPSO to all citizens. This presence is intended to deter criminal activity and be readily available to respond to an emergency situation.

Doug Rachal serves as Chief of the Patrol Division for the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Additionally, our patrol deputies are actively involved in the neighborhoods and communities in which they patrol. We strive to build positive relationships with each citizen. We routinely visit senior citizens to check on their well-being or just to make sure they are doing okay. Also, our patrol deputies watch out for kids in the neighborhoods to ensure they are safe, especially when they are going to or returning from school.

The deputies of the Patrol Division are trained and prepared to respond any emergency and can provide initial trauma and life saving measures if needed. In order for us to stay prepared and ready, all patrol deputies receive 40 hours of annual re-training to maintain readiness. Also, our deputies are CPR certified and are trained to use Automated External Defibrillators (AED).

Additionally, we equip our patrol deputies with technology that enables them to stay in constant communication with our 911 Emergency Operations Center which directs all emergency response during an incident. Equipment includes laptop computers, multi-channel radios, and Watch-Guard dash camera systems. We are also in the testing phase of using body cameras for the division.

During the past three years, the Patrol Division has responded to 93,375 calls for service, which average over 60 calls per day. Additionally, we have interacted in an additional 28,000 incidents while a patrol deputy is on duty. During this time, deputies perform their duties for over 56,000 work hours of service.

We also have a marine unit within the division that is equipped to provide search and rescue operations and has specialized sonar equipment that is used to identify evidence and material underwater. Our marine unit also patrols the waterways in the parish.
In addition to patrols, the Patrol Division also responds to burglar alarms, provides assistance to businesses who are making bank deposits, and provide escorts for funerals.

The Patrol Division of the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office is focused on serving the needs of community by staying trained, prepared and ready to respond to your needs. We will continue to make this our priority while we remain an active and involved partner with the citizens of Natchitoches Parish.


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