Parish road list with flooding issues


Natchitoches Parish President Rick Nowlin has released the attached updated list of 55 Parish roads with flooding issues resulting from today’s heavy rainfall.

Mr. Nowlin stresses that this list consists only of issues of which the Parish Highway Department is aware at this time, and that it is likely that many other road issues exist that have not yet been reported.

In addition, citizens should be aware that, due to the overwhelming number of road issues and the shortage of barricades and available personnel, it has not been possible to barricade every flooded road.

Therefore, motorists are advised to remain vigilant and to exercise extreme caution when traveling near all flood-prone areas, even though the specific road on which they happen to be traveling are not contained on the list.

Again, motorists are cautioned against driving through flooded areas, as hidden dangers may exist that could cause vehicle damage, injury, or even loss of life.

Updates will continue to be issued as they become available.

For additional information, please contact the Parish Highway Department at (318) 357-2200.


2-Edward Adams

3-Grappes Bluff

4-Richard Jordan

5-Brandon Cotton

6-Jim River

7-Collins Rd


9- Blanchard

10- Lucille Street

11- Ucie Vascocu

12-Greenville – Clarence

13- Miller Drive [Payne Subdivision]

14-Chris Street

15 – Johnny Doolittle

16-Kisatchie Falls


18- Fish Hatchery @ hwy 494


20-Franklin Lane

21-Jim King

22- East Ridge

23- Clark

24-Eight Mile Loop

25- Monroe Drive

26-Page Hill

27-Pump Station


29-Tom Brister

30-Vernon Wester

31-Huey McDonald


33-Payne Drive


35-Davis Springs

26-Bud Boyd

37-Billy Holman

38-Payne Drive



41- Cassidy Springs

42-Cloud Crossing


44-Old River [Powhatan]

45-Alexandria [Powhatan]

46-Payne Subdivision (all streets)

47- White Oak Lane

48-Bass Street (Campti)

49-Central Loop

50 – Collier Hill

51 – Brickyard

52 – Hargis

53 – B.J. Smith

54 – Cardino

55 – Mims

3 thoughts on “Parish road list with flooding issues

  1. Old River Rd (near Natchez to Cypress) is under water and Most of Longlois Hill Rd in Flora is under water.

  2. Highway 9 from Lakeview high school to Lakeside store, and Westwind Church Road , and pardee Road on Black Lake are flooded out as well

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