NSU will accommodate students affected by flooding University will reopen Monday


by: Leah Jackson

Northwestern State University students affected by this past week’s record-breaking floods will be allowed extensions on assignments and examinations, according to university administrators. Northwestern State, along with other schools in the region, was closed Wednesday-Friday of last week due to flooding and dangerous road conditions but will reopen Monday, March 14.

“While our campuses in Natchitoches, Shreveport, Leesville and Alexandria are ready to resume operations, we realize that many of our faculty and students are still dealing with the effects of this historic flood,” said NSU President Dr. Jim Henderson. “Students who are unable to travel to campus or access their online course materials should contact their academic dean to discuss their situation and what accommodations can be made. We are committed to our students’ success in the face of this unprecedented event.”

In addition to extensions for assignments and examinations, accommodations for students may include excused absences for face to face and/or online classes for students unable to attend class due to issues caused by flooding. Students should contact their dean or faculty advisor to discuss lost textbooks or other course materials and the possibility of moving from face to face to online courses if they have transportation issues due to flooded cars, etc. Students with campus employment will be allowed flexibility to make up missed time.

“We will do everything we can to help our students, so it is very important for students to communicate with their faculty advisor or dean to help us evaluate their situation,” Henderson said.