Veterans Park – rescheduled meeting

Veterans Park

Our rescheduled Park meeting will be Thursday March 17 at 3:00 in the Board Room of the Downtown City Bank.


1) Thanks to the Sigma Nu Fraternity for the recent Park Clean-up

2) Welcome to guests and new members

3) Financial Report – Dee Fowler

4) Paver Update – Donna Masson

5) Discussion on Fountain Problems – Grant Bowden & George Minturn

6) Report from committee on Plaque, Kiosk, and DS Monument placement

7) Vote on:

Architectural Planning – Phase III to complete the Monument and associated concrete work – Scot Waskom

8) Help on relocation of Desert Storm Monument to the park.

9) Proposal by Mayor Lee Posey to provide a Park sign similar to the one on the American Cementary

10) Future plans ?????? What would you like to see in the way Park improvements

11) NSU President’s Leadership Program supporting the Park and area Veterans – Fish Fry, Family Softball, and NSU Demon Baseball April 9 (Free to Vets)

12) Planning for Memorial Day

Our next meeting is set for April 14, 2016, at 3:00 in the Downtown City Bank Boardroom. For more information please contact Grant Bowden at 357-3106 or Bob Gillan at 352-7746.