Is Natchitoches Parish under siege or is it just a Feral Hog removal program?


Air cannons being used to scare off feral hogs on property in Natchitoches Parish


Have you heard that incessant pounding that goes off at all hours of the night at constant intervals?

There has been lots of coverage in the news lately about the plight Louisiana is facing from the explosion in the feral hog population. They create both economic damage and pose a risk to human health. As we are a heavily wooded Parish, we are an ideal habitat for feral hogs because of the abundance of shelter and hiding places for them. The woods are also a strategic point for them to hide until they can take some food from your garden or property. To say the least, feral hogs are a huge nuisance and it is certainly understandable that property owners want to protect their investment by keeping them away.

One method of keeping feral pigs away is the use of a subsonic sound similar to a cannon shot. These subsonic sounds are created with the use of a device to produce the irritating noise at a set interval. Apparently, some Parish landowners have resorted to this tactic.

I’ve been told by a contact at the Courthouse that there have been a lot of complaints made about the noise.  The Parish does have a noise ordinance and I won’t be surprised if the “hog cannons” violate that ordinance.  At what point do landowner’s rights to protect their property supersede another landowner’s right to a good night’s sleep?  Where I live, the pounding is very faint but it is enough to keep me awake at times.  And, as I stare blindly into the darkness, the mantra “unleash the hogs” keeps running through my mind.”

The Natchitoches Parish Journal received this submission.  The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Natchitoches Parish Journal:

NOTE:  Natchitoches Parish District Attorney’s Office 318-357-2214. It might fall under a Parish Noise Ordiance.  This office can provide information.

20 thoughts on “Is Natchitoches Parish under siege or is it just a Feral Hog removal program?

  1. I agree wear ear plugs if it bothers you. I really do not hear the noise and I live near. If I hear it, I am up and it is just a faint sound. Some people just like to complain!!!!!!

  2. I only hear this when outside.Not in the house.However I do know who grows my food and I pray for them everyday.

  3. I hear the booms at night and have wondered what they were. So far, other things might have kept me awake, but not that. Seems to me it’s much ado about nothing. I just got into this and read the comments, but for heaven’s sake folks, growing things in the field is the way farmers make a living. Cut them a little slack. Ear plugs work wonders and they are so cheap and I use them when needed. You know, when you built or bought your house, you knew it was in farm land. Let’s quit being so nitpicking

  4. Let me assure you all this is not part of the feral hog removal program promoted by the Natchitoches soil and water conservation district. This is a landowners decision to apply this means of deterrent. But it will only be necessary for up to 3-4 weeks once crops emerge they are no longer the number one food source for pigs. So please understand this is only a short term annoying situation.

  5. Any land owner want to supply the ammo, i will b more than glad to assist removing your problem, i am easily found on FB or email, me and a small crew of mine will be happy to help

  6. That’s what this is?
    How about respecting a veteran’s right to not be thrust back into a war zone every damn night?
    If they are breaking the law, they need to be stopped. End of discussion

  7. Just wondering where do the pigs go when the hog cannons go boom? To another’s land? How’s that working out?

  8. Unless the owner of the contraption is going to pay my bills for the home I just bought in a “quiet” east Natchitoches neighborhood then something needs to be done…this is getting ridiculous

    • Natchitoches Parish District Attorney’s Office 318-357-2214. It might fall under a Parish Noise Ordinance. This office can provide information.

  9. Thanks to you Bill for bringing this to the forefront! We bow to the farmers’rights with regards to Cane River and it does irritate me that we must once again bow to their rights as farmers! Keep in mind that I am sleep-deprived, so rational arguments will not be tolerated !

      • Precisely. And then fuss when costs go up, which can be a result of hogs damaging crops…smh. Entitlement attitude.

      • I don’t eat the food THESE farmers provide. This has got to stop. I guess a court order: cease and desist is what it’ll take.

    • It seems ignorance is bliss when it comes to what a farmer contributes to a community. People seem to think that the food just appears on the shelves in the grocery stores.
      Although this is one farm family that is not contributing to your loss of sleep my advise would be to purchase some ear plugs.

    • “Rational arguments will not be tolerated” from a woman whose families livelihood was farmers products. Have you forgotten your roots? If so let me remind you that your father ran a grocery store and the clothes on your back, etc. were paid for by the fruits of a farmers labor. It is not the Stacy farm family that is interfering with your sleep but you should show more respect for those that are doing everything humanly possible to get a crop in the ground and keep hogs from destroying them. And you should “once again bow” down to them instead of sticking your nose up in the air pretending to be important which you are not my dear.

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