SouthernScripts is Turning Five!


Back Row Left to Right: Joseph Naquin, Natalie Olivier, Derick Potts, Phil Bruns, Christina LaRochelle, Joana Kay Wyatt.  Front Row: Suzie Lee, Aimee’ Levy, Megan Wyatt, Stacy Lambert, Kayloni Robicheaux, Bonni Thompson, Shannon Smith, Kim Vines, Pamela Simmons, Lora Underwood, Mallory Gleason Kneeling/Sitting: Trace Hester, Steven Boyd, LeAnn Boyd, Maghan Guidroz.  Not Pictured: Kathryn Mobley, Colleen Whitehead, William Bell, Spike Dietrich, Russell Burkes, Chuck Kramer, Dick Delater, Jerry Castello


You are invited to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of SouthernScripts!
DATE: Thursday, April 7th
Time:  11am – 12noon.
Location:  411 Bienville Street
(to the left of the old Causey’s building)
Stop in and meet the pharmacist team & staff of Southern Scripts, LLC.

About SouthernScripts:

SouthernScripts was developed by pharmacists because there was a vital need for a 100% transparent/pass-through pharmacy benefit manager. After thirty-four years in retail pharmacy, Nolton Causey, RPh, had seen plenty of traditional PBM abuse to members, pharmacies and the community. Discussions with LIPA, Louisiana Independent Pharmacies Association, led to the realization that there was a major Fraud Waste and Abuse issue occurring with PBMs and people should be advised to seek other alternatives. However, after searching for a solution to this problem, there was the realization that there was no alternative to the typical PBMs abusing the system.

To solve this problem, Nolton, daughter LeAnn, and son-in-law Steve, decided to create their own different kind of pharmacy benefit manager. Today, SouthernScripts turned five (5) years old!
SouthernScripts is a national pass-through Prescription Benefit Manager providing services for 10’s of thousands of employees located in 38 states nationwide. Our clients are all self-insured and we assist them with the managing responsibilities of providing prescription benefits for their employees. In 2011 these responsibilities initially included access to a nationwide pharmacy network, integration with insurance carriers and third party administrators, and prescription cost saving strategies. In 2015, SouthernScripts strategically aligned with Employers Health Network Holding Company which increased our foot front across the country and now allows us to assist employers on a broader basis. Currently, we are providing employers access to high performance narrow physician networks, state-of-the-art data analytics, access to pass-through pricing for medical claims. Ultimately, our goal is to assist employers to understand the complexities and the opportunities in the self-insured market and help them make the best decision for their company.

The City of Natchitoches, Sabine Bank & Trust, and the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center have supported Southern Scripts during our initial years and we would like to publicly thank them for that ongoing support. Here are a few statistics about SouthernScripts:

1) SouthernScripts currently serve 24,000 lives across the country and are projected to grow to 80,000 by January 2017.
2) SouthernScripts currently has 23 employees in Natchitoches and a total 35 employees nationwide and project to hired an additional 15 by January 2017.
3) SouthernScripts currently process over 250,000 claims annually and projected to process 700K into 2017.
4) SouthernScripts saves our clients an average of $17.50 per prescription on day one.
5) SouthernScripts prides itself on seamless implementation and our live customer service.

SouthernScripts – bring new dollars home to Natchitoches.

Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

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