Has mold overtaken Natchitoches Magnet School?

In a Special Called Meeting, held Tuesday, April 12, Superintendent Dale Skinner said “the building is very old and it’s just unusable so we’re going to have to
move to another area.”

Skinner says that building a new school is not in the district’s finances, so the board has to move 350 students from the Magnet. Will they be moved to Parks?

Many of the parents and grandparents say their loved ones will not be going to Parks Elementary. Stating further that they will just move them to a private
school or leave the district all together.

Many of the Magnet parents and grandparents said at the meeting that this was the first time they heard there was a health problem at Magnet.

Any decisions are expected to be made at the regular scheduled meeting this Thursday, April 14 meeting at 5 p.m.

8 thoughts on “Has mold overtaken Natchitoches Magnet School?

  1. People should know that magnet parents have not been given an option as to where to go, I personally don’t have a problem going where ever,I said on Tuesday my concern is that all kids get a quality education in a healthy environment,and all educators as well. I am not for disrupting any schools,But this has been known to board members for months that the mold problem was rapidly getting worse,as a magnet parent, all I’m saying is just get the kids outta there,

  2. My granddaughter goes to Magnet. She IS NOT GOING TO L.P. VAUGHN. That’s her zoned school and she IS BETTER than that! Magnet is an A school and Vaughn is an F. I will keep her home and homeschool before sending her there. She took a test to get into Magnet and has been on the honor roll all five years she has been there. It is not fair to mess her and the other students who have worked hard to stay in Magnet up. They deserve a school that is structured for their learning potential and to have good teachers. It’s not their fault the school is falling apart. This should have been taken care of yearsago before it became a problem!

    • You sound So Damn Dumb Like Really Thought L.P.Vaughn Is Not A Freaking F School Just Cause Your Daughter Goes To Magnet Doesnt Make Her Any Better Then Any Other Children That Goes Any Other School Shutup U Sound So Stupid Like Really I See Why people Like U Dont Make It In life

  3. They trying to move the magnet school to east natchitoches and bus east kids to Parks. East is a c school and those kids would go to Parks which is an f school because kids that go to magnet are better than ours.

  4. Easy problem to solve, close the magnet school and send them to the school they are zoned to attend.

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