Natchitoches Humane Society -Calling all Dirty Dogs….



Finally, the weather is warmer and the NHS bathing season has begun. Can I get a “Bark, Bark?”  NHS will be hosting their first bath and clipping day of the season, May 10, from 9-1, at Tractor Supply in Natchitoches.  No appointment is necessary. For pups under 40 pounds, the cost is $5, and for those over it’s $10. Nail clipping is $5.  Bring the kids (No, we’re not going to bathe them) and let them play with the dogs while you wait.

The Natchitoches Humane Society is also  seeking volunteers, message them to find out how you can help. You can donate an hour of your time, your grooming skills, technical skills, or just visit with the animals.  For more information visit their FaceBook  page at: