Do you know your Natchitoches Events Center?


After 10 years of research, planning, building and promoting, the Natchitoches Events Center is making an economic impact locally. The Center is debt free with only part of the operational expenses being carried by the City. The economic impact is tremendous. As soon as the 87 room hotel opens (estimated Fall of 2016) the effects will be even greater. The cycle includes guests spending money at local restaurants, shopping, flying in, purchasing gas and paying sales taxes. That income, in turn, is spent locally by business owners.

Beyond Weddings and Craft Shows

The diversity of the events is extraordinary. While most of the public knows the Center as THE place to have weddings and receptions, craft shows and Mardi Gras parties, the Center is a host to a great array of groups.

“We just hosted the Superior Livestock Auction,” said Chris Post, “over 58,000 head of cattle were sold nationwide via satellite video. All of this from the Events Center. “

In July, the Center will host EXTREME FORCE LIVE, a nonprofit, anti-bullying campaign, featuring martial arts Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They are expecting over 700 people to attend. That’s 700 people who will contribute to local restaurants, gas stations, shops and our tax base.

“We are also your full event planning resource. I will make your event as seamless at possible by drawing your floor plan, seating arrangement, helping select your food and even taking care of the things you may not consider, like insurance and music.” said Melissa Cloutier, “We can transform the Center into a truly magical place.”

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