Chicken fried snake takes out power to City

By Corey Poole

Snake-Poweroutage 05-24-16

A 5-foot chicken snake climbed up into a circuit breaker at the Cleco substation in Clarence shorting out one of the phases to Natchitoches. One of the City’s two electricity feed lines was out for maintenance and the City was receiving its power by a single feed, so when the snake fried the switch gear, the whole feed to Natchitoches was unplugged, on a full moon no less.

“The conditions were just right and it all happened last night,” said Bryan Wimberly, director of the City Utility Department.

15 thoughts on “Chicken fried snake takes out power to City

  1. You know what… I bet they made it all up.. yea that’s it. That way the service people for the City would have to get up from their bed @ 10:15pm… drive to Clearance,La… wait 2 hours..oh yea catch a chicken snake,burn his head,then take pictures. Give me a break.. we should be grateful to the folks that got the power back up. Jim Talmadge… Gods speed to David Dobson

  2. Lord have mercy this snake rip little snake I’m go miss u u was very good to ur mother and father

  3. The situation at one of the nursing homes in Natchitoches was horrible. The backup generator for the patient rooms did not click on (lobby was cool). Patients who could get in and out of bed went up front. Rooms were hot and staff were outside complaining about wanting to go home. One nurse yelled at a patient who was in pain. One hallway better than the next, some circulation but the other was a sauna. So sad.

  4. Sounds pretty easy to take out power to the entire city of Natchitoches. Seriously, what genius came up with that plan?

  5. I believe that in situations like this, the city should have someone at the power plant that will answer the phones (NOT IGNORE/HANG UP) to let the customers know what is happening! We have people who will answer the phones for emergency services, and for that we pay taxes. We pay DIRECTLY for our utilities, and all we get when we call for an outage, all we get is ignored and hung up on!!

    • Chris, I am acquainted with the people who handle the phones at the plant. Trust me, especially with an incident like this that affects so many people, the sheer amount of people calling in makes it impossible to get to every call. There were a LOT of complaints last night.

      • Perhaps an automated message could be prepared, so customers/taxpayers don’t feel like they’ve been abandoned. There are this new-fangled devices called “computers” that can perform this sort of task.

  6. Omg! Anything is possible. Parents please watch your children. Snakes are looking for a cool place.

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