Special Called Natchitoches School Board Meeting to Discuss Upcoming Bond Issue


The Natchitoches Parish School Board met Monday, May 9th, at 5:00 p.m. to discuss the prospective budget for the upcoming bond issue as well as the possible amount to ask the voters for. Aside from the board members and Mr Solomon, the meeting was attended by The Natchitoches Parish Journal, another member of the media and Coach Helms of NCHS. There were no members of the general public present. Board members present at the meeting were Mr. Wilson, Ms. Guidroz, Mr. Danzy, Rev. Harris, Mr. Metoyer and Mr. Melder.

Mr. Solomon presented proposals for budget items. The discussion centered around 16 new classrooms for NCHS as well as a fieldhouse for their football team and other sports. Mr. Metoyer also was concerned about the expense of doing maintenance on the current Magnet building if it was in such terrible shape. He wondered if it might be a better use of tax dollars to tear it down rather than do a little here and there. The meeting adjourned with no clear course of action agreed upon. Mr. Solomon stated that the bond amount had to be settled upon and the election called by Monday, May 16th.