State Eliminates Funding for Natchitoches Parish Roads


Parish President Rick Nowlin announced that the state has eliminated funding for three local highway projects at a Parish Council meeting May 9.  Nowlin learned that the State capital outlay budget (House Bill 2) was amended to eliminate funding for the following projects:

• Payne Subdivisions Streets

Last year’s capital outlay bill included $1,015,000 and the State Bond Commission approved the $1,015,000. This year’s HB 2, prepared by the administration, reduced the funding to $500,000. The House Ways and Means Committee cut the $500,000.
“Had we kept the $500,000, we would have proceeded with approximately half of the streets and gone back next year for the remainder,” said Nowlin.

• Fish Hatchery Road

Last year’s capital outlay bill included $1,250,000 and the State Bond Commission approved the $1,250,000. This year’s HB 2 reduced the funding to $125,000.
“This would have been enough to cover the planning and design costs, but we would have had to go back next year for the remaining $1,125,000 for the construction,” said Nowlin.
However, the Committee cut the $125,000.

• Blanchard Road

Last year’s capital outlay bill included $280,000 and the State Bond Commission approved the $280,000. This year’s HB 2 left the $280,000 in the bill. However, the Committee cut it out.

“In addition, last year we had two funding amounts in the bill for the Old River Bridge,” said Nowlin. “One was $610,000 and the other was $895,000. It would take both to build the new bridge. The administration’s bill this year included only the $610,000 and the Committee left it in.”

Nowlin said the Parish Government will continue to do what it can to get some of the funding restored, but it will be a challenge.

There is still a little good news. The following are still in the bill reported by the Committee to the House:

• Courthouse Security Project: $480,000
• Coco Bed Road: $280,000

6 thoughts on “State Eliminates Funding for Natchitoches Parish Roads

  1. Well I ask that now is the time for Rick and the rest of the folks that have been elected and appointed to positions in our local government to get to work and make cuts and budgets that will represent the people of our community. They asked for our votes, we gave them. Now do your job and make it happen. Clean the swamp. No more taxes, do your job

  2. Other than to accommodate Jimmy Long WHY are they wanting to build Old River Road Bridge back? If you attempt to get to where the bridge was off Water Well Road then you will more than likely ruin your vehicle. The road has gone to pot and they want to build a bridge for one individual to cross and get to his property. There are other ways for Mr. Long to get to his property. Why inconvenience all of us for one individual? Thanks Senator Long for NOTHING. This is totally ludicrous We need our parish roads repaired first.

  3. Randy…where has your head been (need I say). The State of Louisiana is broke due to the past 8 years of mismanagement by previous inept governor (that people kept electing for some insane reason). A lot of projects are going to suffer because of this. Rick is not at fault…and whatever your personal animosity toward Mr. Nowlin is needs to cease. I believe Mr. Nowlin indicated in his report he will continue to do all he can to have funds restored. In meantime, people of Louisiana will simply have to live with the problem of Louisiana being BROKE.

  4. Same old song and dance Rick. Your first 4 years were nonproductive, looks like the first year of your presidency will be more of the same.

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