Corey Poole

Natalie Covher

Kevin Shannahan


Corey Poole is a writer, photographer and editor at the Natchitoches Parish Journal, an online news outlet, where she covers education, crime and hard news in the City of Natchitoches and rural areas of the Parish.

Before launching her photojournalism career, she graduated from the Louisiana Scholars’ College at Northwestern State University in 2009 with a degree in journalism and photography.

She met her husband Jesse, a Natchitoches native, on NSU’s campus and they have two children.

She worked at a local newspaper in Natchitoches, where she began as a graphic designer before she became lifestyle editor and then editor.

She currently freelances for magazines and radio, while running a photography business and teaching photography classes. She is a member of the Natchitoches Young Professionals and a board member with the Boys and Girls Club of El Camino Real.

In her spare time she reads, paints, beads jewelry and raises a flock of chickens.


Moving from Washington State 15 years ago, Natalie Covher fell in love with Louisiana.

She works as the Lifestyle Editor at the Natchitoches Parish Journal.

After graduating from Northwestern State University in 2011, she moved to New Orleans where she worked as the front desk manager and lead concierge at the International House Boutique Hotel. While she loved being an ambassador for New Orleans, she missed Natchitoches and its small town charm.

She and her husband Corbin moved back to Natchitoches in 2014 and she worked for a local newspaper as the lifestyle editor.

As a lifestyle writer, Natalie knows where to go, what to do and how to have fun in Natchitoches Parish. She feels that being a non-native gives her a unique perspective and appreciation for the beauty, culture and history of the area. Natalie sits on the board of the Natchitoches Historic Foundation (NHF) and the Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches (APHN) and is a member of the Natchitoches Young Professionals.

With the birth of their daughter, Lilah, in April, Natalie continues to reach for her goal of growth, promotion and preservation of the Parish.


Kevin Shannahan is an op-ed writer and photographer for the Natchitoches Parish Journal. Kevin moved to Natchitoches from the Seattle area 22 years ago. He taught in the Red River Parish public schools and has worked in Louisiana higher education and in State government since then. He served for eight years as Scoutmaster of Troop 60, sponsored by the First United Methodist Church in Natchitoches, where he and his wife, Carla, attend. He is a former Air Force officer, serving in an ICBM wing in sunny North Dakota. Kevin can be seen at sporting and community events throughout the area . As a writer, his op-eds and articles have covered the gamut from education to local history.

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