Planning can save THOUSANDS


“There’s a key to unlock the door, but the IRS won’t just give it to you,” says Jimmy Long, Jr, Estate Planning and Elder Law attorney, “I’ve spent years learning how to unlock the door.”

As an expert in Estate Planning, Mr. Long says by simply going over a check list of your benefits, deductions and hidden fees, you can save as much as $3000 a year. You don’t have to be wealthy to benefit from Estate Planning. Things as simple as how your name is on your bank account, naming your beneficiaries, or giving power-of-attorney can make a huge difference in keeping your money. Most people don’t know those details and it can be a very expensive mistake.

“Planning lets you keep the money you’ve worked hard for, it’s your money,” Mr. Long emphasizes.

Unfortunately, no one sets the date for medical expenses. “I’ve never had anyone come to my office and say they plan to go into long-term care on a certain date six years from now,” smiling as he speaks, “I wish it were that easy.” Something as catastrophic as an automobile wreck can put a 30 year old into long-term care. It’s good to know we have someone on our side to advise us when it comes to protecting our assets, digging into the little stuff that can cost us in the future and using the law to our advantage.

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