Educational tablets for children are now available at the Natchitoches Parish Library


The Natchitoches Parish Library’s newest item for checkout has hit the shelves: Playaway Launchpads. These pre-loaded tablets will be available at both the Main Library Branch and the Northeast Branch. Each tablet is geared towards a specific age group ranging from Pre-K to 8th grade.

The tablets have several apps and games that cover various subject matter such as math, reading, critical thinking, creativity, school review and school preparation. Each device comes in a hard plastic carrying case with a USB cord and charger included. Instructions are included onthe use of the tablet and Children’s Circulation Staff have familiarized themselves with the devices and are ready to demonstrate their ease of use.
Adult patrons may check out one Launchpad at a time for one week and may checkout another atthe time of return.

“The Launchpads would be an excellent addition to books on a road trip to keep a child’s interest and still maintain an educational aspect,” said Children’s Librarian Annabel Jones.

Melinda McMillan, EdwardLaCour and Bryce LaCour were the first patrons to check out the library’s new Launchpad tablets.  Photo: Middle

Playaway Launchpads include a protective rubber bumper case for the tablet, a USB cord and charging adapter, and a storage case.  Photo: Right