BDC Tree Service will go out on a limb to remove hazardous trees so you don’t have to

By Natalie Covher

Many trees have been damaged by recent weather events and this has a lot of people wondering about the trees on their property. BDC specializes in hazardous tree removal, tree trimming, preservation and deep root fertilization. If a storm has left a tree or debris on your roof or garage they can use their crane to remove it safely. Hurricane season is on its way; let BDC come out and do a free risk analysis of your trees. Most of the time people wait to call a tree service company until a tree is really bad. During a risk analysis, trained professionals can find things homeowners don’t see and come up with a plan to reduce the risk of damage.

“I treat my customers like I want my mother or grandmother treated,” said owner Cecil Zito. “A customer can call today and if I’m in town I can usually come by that day. If I’m in Alexandria, I can schedule to come see you in a week or two. You can trust us to not butcher your trees. Improper cuts can cause a limb to die. We’ll thin approximately 1/3 of the canopy out of the tree, reducing the risk of limbs breaking.”

BDC has a licensed arborist and is fully insured with more than just general liability, but also workers’ compensation. This means that not only will the property be insured, but there will be no liability for the homeowner if someone is hurt in their yard. Have a professional properly maintain your trees for adequate street-side clearance. Trimming isn’t just for looks. It can help prepare your trees for ice, snow and wind.

A recent customer mentioned that after BDC trimmed his tree it no longer danced in the wind during strong storms like it had in the past. Trimming trees allows air to go through them, helping them to weather storms better. See photo below for that customer’s recently trimmed tree.

For more customer reviews visit their website For information or to schedule an analysis call (318) 419-3076.

We go out on a limb to remove hazardous trees so you don’t have to.

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