City Marshal Randy Williams wanted to inform the following people that they have outstanding bench warrants through the Natchitoches City Marshal’s Office. The names on this list did not pay their fines in full nor did they return to court on the court date they were sentenced to by City Court Judge Gahagan. These individuals will need to clear up their fines and bench warrant fees at the City Marshal’s Office located at 373 Second St. to stop any further actions:


Kenyatta Barfield, 1108 Berry Ave, Natch, La – Simple Battery
Michael Carroll, 771 Carlisle Rd, Natch, La – DWI
Shronda Davis, 1102 Berry Ave, Natch, La –DP
Philmore Evans, 328 Scott Loop, Natch, La –Exp. License Plates
Markayla Farley, 1431 Grace Ave, Natch, La –Theft
Deneitra Goff, 903 Lennox Place, Natch, La – Theft
Patricia Hubbard, 911 Second St, Natch, La – DP
Gavin Jackson, 170 Bayou St, Natch, La – SCDP
Tonya Lucas, 112 Sylvan Dr, Natch, La- Theft
Andre Murphy, 135 Dogwood Court, Natch, La – DP
Kendrix Nicholas, 436 Howell St, Natch, La – No DL
Shola Obialo, 1115 Breda, Natch, La – Exp. MVI
Alvin Petite, 500 North St. Apt. J1, Natch, La – Theft
Ronald Reliford, 199 Cedar Grove, Natch, La- Theft
Amber Smith, 100 Ark St. Apt. 12, Natch, La – Theft
Martinio Telstead, 246 Lake St, Natch, La – Theft
Jamie Webb, 4633 Hwy 3278, Natch, La – Exp. MVI
Nana Williams, 126 Shady Grove, Natch, La – Theft
Mikal Zeno, 1815 South Dr. Lot 1312, No DL

Trial (T):
Raven Vessell, NSU P.O. Box 5106, Natch, La – SPOM
Otis Stevenson, 2290 HWY 6 E. Apt. E, Natch, La – Exp. DL
April Phillips, 246 Lake Dr, Natch, La – Simple Battery
Sharon Morrow, 140 Gibson St. Apt. 2, Natch, La – Simple Battery
Brenda Hudson, 1324 Breda Ave, Natch, La – SPOM
Gregory Ficklin, 1411 Holmes St, Natch, La – Interfering with Police Officer