Three Natchitoches Parish Schools will receive new principals this school year

Students at three schools will see new faces this coming school year after the School Board named new principals. Jacquetta Tanner was named to Marthaville Elementary and Jr. High School, Micah Nicholson was named to M.R. Weaver Elementary and Kristie Irchirl was named to L.P. Vaughn.

Irchirl was the assistant principal at the Natchitoches Jr. High-Frankie Ray Jackson. Before that she was a master teacher and coordinator at Fairview Alpha and a master teacher at Natchitoches Central High School.

“It is an honor to serve as the principal of L. P. Vaughn Elementary,” she said.“I believe that students, parents and teachers all play a vital role in helping students reach their greatest potential.  Our goal is to provide all students with an enriching, engaging, and challenging curriculum that will prepare them for success.  I am looking forward to working diligently with our students, teachers and staff, parents, and members of our community in order to help all of our students reach their full potential.”

Nicholson was extremely excited when he found out about his new position. Former P.E. coach at NSU Elementary Lab, he comes from a long line of educators. His father is currently in his 47th year of teaching, his mother in her 43rd year and his grandmother taught for 40 plus years.

Nicholson has taught in Natchitoches Parish for 10 years now. Before E-Lab, he was the head football coach at Lakeview High School.

“This has always been a career aspiration of mine and I’m ready for the challenge after being in the classroom for 13 years now,” he said. “Weaver is a great school and there’s a lot of room for growth because I think it has so much potential.”

Originally from Texas, Tanner came to Natchitoches with 19 years of experience. She was the assistant principal at East Natchitoches Elementary and Middle School last school year and the assistant principal at L. P. Vaughn Elementary and Middle School this school year.

Her goals include:

  • Move Natchitoches Parish among the top districts in the state
  • Help students meet state standards
  • Get students reading at their grade level by the third grade
  • Encourage students to be successful in high school so they can move on to higher education

“This is my mission and my passion,” she said. “I’m all about the students being successful and this comes from the nurturing of the child to the education of the child. It’s important for them to find that drive within themselves.”

Director of Personnel Linda Page said that all three candidates are smart and motivated go-getters who want to do well by the children and put them first.

“That’s what we need,” she said.

The School Board meeting June 9 at 5 p.m. included the following business items:

  • Mike Hilton suggested that every instance of out-of-state travel be approved individually due to liability concerns. This motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
    1. Ryan Riley, agriculture teacher at Lakeview High School, will travel to Indianapolis July 23-30 to serve as the LARep for the NCA judging committee. Vo Ag Travel will fund the trip.
    2. Barbara Page, math teacher at NCHS, will travel to Atlanta, Ga. June 23-July 3 to chaperone two students to the National Future Business Leaders of America Conference.
    3. NCHS students Mackenzie Morgan and Brock Puryear will travel to Atlanta, Ga. June 23-July 3 to compete in the National FBLA Conference with a $300 stipend each requested from the General Fund. All travel requests were approved unanimously.
  • Restoration of NCHS facilities
  • Hunting & Fishing Property Lease: (Vote: Mike Hilton-no, all others-yes)
  • Approve bids for food items, juice, milk and paper and cleaning supplies
  • Approve a 2-year rate guarantee for Worker’s Compensation Excess Coverage Insurance
  • Resolution retaining Government Consultants, Inc. as Municipal Advisor pursuant to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Passed, but Joella Collins voted against it.
  • Approval of Addendum to 1-year guarantee with the Property Casualty Alliance of Louisiana (PCAL),originally set to expire June 30, 2017, to extend through June 30, 2019.The Addendum would guarantee a 5.78 percent reduction of rates issued in 2015-2016 for 2016-2017 through 2018-2019.
  • Permission to piggyback Caddo Parish School Board’s bid, including addenda, with Follett School Solutions for providing library books, etc. for 2016-17.
  • Discussion of test scores from Magnet School returning to domicile schools. (No action taken)
  • Approval of the Natchitoches Times as the official journal for the Natchitoches Parish School Board. Passed,but Emile Metoyer voted against it.
  • Update from Page on personnel issues. There are 435 classroom teachers in the system, 110 African-American and 315 White. There are approximately 60 long-term substitute teachers. Page has traveled to job fairs at colleges throughout Louisiana and neighboring states seeking more teachers.
  • Approval of the 2016-2017 District Parent and Community Engagement (P.A.C.E.) plan.
  • Consider changing the dates of July meetings from July 5-12 and 14.

One thought on “Three Natchitoches Parish Schools will receive new principals this school year

  1. The School Board needs JESUS! They are supposed to be leaders an role models for our kids. They make poor decisions an never really think things through. That bicker back an forth, an it always seem the kids interest are not at heart. They all including the Superintendent need to go back to these class rooms an see first hand what is going on. All they see is certain state requirements be met, whatever the cost. They don’t see the big picture that little Timmy or little Mary is not understanding what is being taught, because the teachers are put on such a tight schedule that she doesn’t have time to re- teach or reinforce skills. Then y’all keep changing out principals, an teachers. But no one is changing y’all out. Parents an residents need to pull together an show the School Board that they are tired of settling when it comes to the kids. The kids are our future. They should always be our main concern. I hope the Judge doesn’t rule in favour of moving Parks kids from their school. I don’t think that is fair that y’all can uproot these kids an put the Magnet kids there. What is this teaching our kids?? Why didn’t the school board get portable buildings or look into other ways of housing these kids?? You don’t throw these kids to the curve. Many of them already have a hard home life, an school is the only release they have. I attended George L. Parks an I know how the kids an parents feel . If you have a child in Natchitoches Parish speak up an make your voice heard. Don’t wait until the decision is made an complain about it later on. This is your right an these are your children!!

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