ADs Paints the Parish Red

by Ida B. Torn


It’s that time of year again when nostalgia is delivered right to your home, sometimes right to your doorstep, and it comes wrapped in a bright red bag to make sure you don’t miss it. And it doesn’t matter what your economic status is, everybody gets one. The ADs Parish Red Books have hit the streets. It’s like Christmas in June!

I must admit, I let mine sit at the end of my drive all week as did the three neighbors nearest me. Not even the football schedule magnet that I knew was glued on the front was enough to draw me to it. It irritated me that the bag was thrown in my yard whether I wanted it or not. After today’s thunderstorm, the bags were looking pretty pitiful in the high grass that hasn’t been cut yet so I went out and picked up the three closest to my house. After hauling the mud covered “gifts” to my front porch, I went inside and asked my husband to go for an afternoon drive with me.

We spent about an hour driving around the Parish and found home after home with a rain-soaked red bag lying in the yard, both in well established neighborhoods and on rural roads. When we got home, we unwrapped our soggy book to see exactly what valuable information we had let go to waste. After all, many trees had to give their lives so I could have digits right at my fingertips. I couldn’t help but notice that the most frequent advertiser in the book was the phone book company itself with over 45 display ads in its yellow page section. ADs would like you to know that 91% of people aged 70+ still use a phone book.

The white pages section is a total of 111 pages and covers residences in Natchitoches, Sabine, Red River and DeSoto parishes. I think that is a pretty good indication that more and more people are moving to having only cell phones and you can’t find those numbers in a phone book. You can still find the phone number of your local politician, attorney, medical office, church, school and government office. You can also find those numbers through numerous online sources, which is what we do. At least ADs still believes in its product because they don’t offer an online resource.

If you actually look forward to getting your red package and didn’t retrieve it before the rain got to it, fear not. I heard that the YP Yellow Book is verifying numbers and will go to press soon.

3 thoughts on “ADs Paints the Parish Red

  1. It sure would save some money if you were able to pick these up free at the local banks or grocery store. Maybe the Ads book should consider a survey of people who actually want this and deliver only to the interested parties. Mine went immediately to the garbage because I have every number in need to access in my pocket, called google!

  2. I live on a rural Parish road and recently pulled up to our bank of 7 mailboxes to find 7 red bags freshly left on the ground in the mud along the road. Although the books were in bags, only 1 of the 7 books was dry and usable.

    As a business owner I would be furious if I paid to advertise in it only to have it never make it to the consumer…..what’s the point?

  3. Please don’t knock the Ads book. I love when I see the red bag in my drive and I pick it up immediately and look to see what’s new. You see, if you are not with AT&T, your phone number is not the the YP book but it is the the Ads book. I keep one in my car. Also the Ads has the special listings together and also has listing by phone number with name following. So if you have a number you can usually find the name. So don’t knock a good thing just because you don’t know it’s a good thing.

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