Mother looks to community to help with daughter’s medical expenses

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Natchitoches Parish Resident Shamika Sers needs community support to pay for her medical expenses. Shamika is 26-years-old and was born with a severe congenital birth defect that resulted in her undergoing a Tracheostomy at birth.

Lacking a mandible, Shamika endured several surgeries in an attempt to help her breath on her own.  Unfortunately, none of the surgeries were successful and she is completely dependent on her trach tube to live and breathe. Shimika is also tube-fed and uses sign language to communicate.  Suffering from severe scoliosis, she is the size of a 12-year-old, measuring four feet in height and weighing a mere 95 pounds.  This resilient young woman is cared for by her loving mother Rhonda Marie Rachel.

“I have run into a problem getting her customized trachs (tracheostomy tubes) paid for,” said Rhonda.

The medical equipment supplier that the family relied on has recently gone out of business, leaving Rhonda with no options covered by insurance or Medicaid. Shamika uses one, $300 trach a month, and is down to her last four.

“I have exhausted all means,” said Rhonda. “It is just like her not having a heart or lung to live. I do not know what to do at this point. Shamika is a strong young lady with special needs.”

To make a contribution contact Rhonda at 318-471-1326

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