Missing daughter: How far would you go?

By Corey Poole

“It hurts too much.”
These words were spoken by Alex Zacarias, a father who would do anything to bring his daughter home.

Diana Zacarias, 22,went missing somewhere on the South Rim in the Grand Canyon National Park April 3.Diana was studying industrial engineering at NSU. Family and friends describe her as quiet, family-oriented and a brilliant student.

Alex reached a point where he was unable to do another interview with a media outlet. A friend of the family, Trish Miller wanted to help them continue their search efforts.

She started a campaign to raise money that will help him continue searching for his daughter.

The Natchitoches community rallied behind the grieving family, holding rosary recitations at the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception with an altar placed beneath a stained glass window portraying St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost or missing items. The congregation at the First Presbyterian Church of Natchitoches raised Diana up on its prayer list.

From information the family pieced together, Diana arrived on the South Rim via the Arizona Shuttle April 2 and was dropped off at the Maswick Lodge. Evidence shows she visited Yaki Point and Lookout Studio. She went back to the Park the same day she was scheduled to fly home. When her mother asked her if she was on her way to the airport, Diana’s responding message said she wasn’t going.

Kirby-Lynn Shedlowski, a Park representative, said the search is now in a “limited continuous mode.” Searches are only being conducted when assigned duties take the park rangers into areas of high probability. Based on clues such as cellular forensics and witness statements, the search is contained to developed areas of the park.

Diana is 5’2”, 104 pounds with short black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a pink hat, purple fleece, black rimmed glasses and possibly carrying a small green backpack.

Anyone with information on her location can contact the National Park Service Silent Witness Line at 928-638-7840. To contribute to the family’s search efforts call Trish Miller at 318-581-8282.

Map: Corey Poole

Photo: facebook.com