Youth work toward tobacco free community

Tobacco Free_Main Photo


The “Tobacco Annihilators” Program at the Campti Field of Dreams organized a community awareness event: the Tobacco Free Jamboree.

The jamboree offered healthy menu items including BBQ chicken, a kale salad and a pasta salad. City Councilwoman Sylvia Morrow opened the celebration with Pastor Steven Harris. Community member Kendell Stiller shared his testimonial of how he quit smoking.

Area youth participated in the program, funded through the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco Free Living. They learned about the ways tobacco companies, that spend around $9.5 million yearly in advertising, target youth in America with deceptive ads to make smoking “cool.”

Nearly 3 million middle and high school students are current smokers. Around 5.6 million children under age 18 will die from smoking-related deiseases, unless current rates are reversed.

Local efforts include:

  • Regular meetings
  • Visit local convenience stores and examine outdoor tobacco advertisement
  • Participate in community awareness events
  • Travel to state capitol and advocate against tobacco company advertising tactics towards youth
  • Participate in rally on capitol steps
  • Meet State Rep. Kenny Cox and Terry Brown
  • Create poster to educate youth and adults
  • Share with school, community and faith-based groups