J&J Exterminating – Bad Bug Season

By Natalie Covher

It can be hard to enjoy summer when everyone is constantly trying to battle mosquitoes, fleas and other pests that are lurking around. It was easy to enjoy the mild winter while it was happening but now we are staring a bad bug season right in the face. Pair that with the wet weather and it can be a challenge to keep pests out of the house.

NPJ talked to some folks from J&J Exterminating to see what services they offer to help reduce the buzz around town about bugs.

“Painful bites and stings are only the beginning,” said Branch Manager Michael Jordan. “Mosquitos, ticks and rodents can carry dangerous diseases that put your family at risk. We can do a free inspection to figure out what services would best suit your property and get you a quote.”

Many people don’t think about pest control until there is a problem. Most panic and waste money on DIY treatments.

“The effectiveness of our treatments comes from our knowledge of pest control, access to chemicals and how we apply them,” said Michael. “For instance, people have been told for years that you can’t kill spiders but we have chemicals specially developed to kill spiders.”

Take advantage of J&J’s referral program.  If a current customer refers you then both of you get discounts. You will each receive $30 off for a Mosquito referral or $50 off for a Gold Shield Quarterly referral.

“This program works because of our high level of customer satisfaction,” said Michael. “Recently our mosquito services have more than doubled. We believe this is because people don’t want to deal with the threat of zika and our loyal customer base lets the public know where to go for good service. The blower packs we use disperse a fine mist under hard to reach shaded areas like shrubs where mosquitoes and other insects like to stay during the day. The spray gets down in between the blades of grass. It covers an area radius and blows up leaves so there is nowhere to hide.”

Gold Shield quarterly treatments were designed with J&J’s philosophy in mind: “If we can keep the bugs from getting to your home, we can keep them out of the home.” None of the treatments will harm your dogs or cats. If a problem arises between quarterly treatments, they will be remedied at no extra charge. The gold shield protects your home and a 50-foot radius around it.

J&J covers a wide service area. For more information or to get a quote call 318-352-7324 or visit http://www.jjext.com