Celebrity Waiters Gone Wild

By Natalie Covher

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Tables were packed for the Relay for Life’s Celebrity Waiter event June 30. Each waiter decorated their tables with centerpieces and place settings. Themes ranged from Jeff Franks’ “Blue Light Special” table to Bill Rutledge’s “A night in Paris” table. Only Corey Poole, The Hogg team and Haley Blount had previous waiting experience.

Tables elected their waiters to do tricks for tips including singing Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, performing the Macarena, doing the Chicken Dance and more. Even the guests got in on the game by sending one man from each table to the front of the room in lipstick and women’s shoes. Tony Hernandez made it to the front first donning a matte petal pout and his wife’s shoes, earning his table $25. One of the most entertaining moments of the evening was watching Kirk Soileau Whip and NaeNae. After a fulfilling meal, the guests had the option to pay their waiter to feed them desert. Guests then started paying for their waiters to go off the script by reading embarrassing speeches, singing Frozen’s Let It Go and being fed like a baby bird. After all the tips were tallied the event raised over $5,400 for Relay for Life.

“The event defiantly exceeded my expectations,” said American Cancer Society Sr. Community Manager Danielle Antoon. “Each waiter went above and beyond to make the night one to remember.”

Winner of the People’s Choice award went to Haley Blount.

Winner of the Best Table award went to Kirk Soileau.

Winner of the Most Spirited award went to Dustin Dauzat.

Winner of the Most Money Raised went to Laura Strahan

Relay for Life is always looking for volunteers. To find out information of how to help organize events like these contact Antoon at 318-663-4489.

See Kirk Soileau Dance