Public comments requested for Rue Beauport Riverbank Project

Riverbank 1

The City is seeking comments from the public on the proposed master plans for the Riverfront Improvement Project. The plans for the project are available for viewing on the first floor of City Hall located at 700 Second St. The public may send an email to or leave a comment on the comment cards available at City Hall.

The proposed project has been available for review and comment beginning June 6 and the comment period will end July 15. The Rue Beauport Riverbank Project is sponsored by the Cane River Waterway Commission and the City.

15 thoughts on “Public comments requested for Rue Beauport Riverbank Project

  1. I like the idea. The riverbank certainly needs seating for the people that attend concerts and the stage needs to be enlarged. The steep stairs that are there now are dangerous and older people have trouble getting up and down. If Natchitoches is going to stay a tourist town it certainly needs something to attract tourist.

  2. I agree with Ms Durr. Don’t mess with the riverfront. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. There are some of us old enough to remember Natchitoches before the tourists came to town. They now come because it is a beautiful town and what makes it beautiful is mainly the river and the riverfront. How many towns do you know with a beautiful river running down along main street? The money would be better spent on our horrible city streets. The tourists and residents both would thank you.

  3. I’m neutral but do the residence realize that the tourist pay a lot of the taxes collected that help with roads, teachers pay and the such. I see why those who live on bad roads are upset too. I just wish people would get the whole truth on everything before all the bashing starts.

  4. Why mess up the beautiful riverfront and downtown area? Don’t you realize that a large reason people flock to Natchitoches is for the quaint, small town atmosphere? Do you want it to become like the river area in Shreveport, etc. People love the “old” time appearance. If they didn’t enjoy it like it is, the tourist traffic would slow down. Don’t destroy a good thing just to “update” and become just like every other town. Don’t modernize and destroy the appeal of days gone by. Leave well enough alone. Love Natchitoches downtown just as it is.

  5. Maybe give the option of stairs or to continue on ramp at each turn. That would help with foot traffic bottlenecking at the bottom of ramp. Or a set of steps to the right as well as what is shown on left side of drawing.

  6. The precious river and dumb Christmas Festival is the citys money maker
    and baby.And Mr.Posey just wants his name on something or anything.
    The city doesn’t give a rats ass about surrounding roads or areas,just as long as Front Street is ok

  7. Here come the ignorant, “Fix our roads!” comments. As long as Natchitoches if filled with ignorant, uneducated people, we will always be backwards.

    • What makes people ignorant for wanting some else worked on other then front street? There is a lot more to the city of Natchitoches then the 1/2 mile street downtown. Am I ignorant for wanting that money used for what it was collected for and that is the upkeep of the river?

    • I would be the first to say Fix the Roads!!! how is wanting something that would benefit everyone “ignorant, and uneducated”???

      Front Street is what, a half a mile, and the Christmas festival has turned into a tourist fleece of unthinkable proportions? Not hard to see what we are trying to say here.

      But I am just a “ignorant, uneducated” person for thinking we all deserve something better..

      I give up trying to talk sense to people, its never going to happen in Natchitoches anyway

  8. It looks like the worlds largest handicap ramp leading to a small landing that can only hold a few people. It should be an awesome addition for during the festival too, NOT. What will this project accomplish besides taking a useful space and turning it into a limited use space that restricts the number of people that can enjoy it and increases the amount of upkeep expense for the field of flowers that the snakes will takeover for their new housing project.

    This is a waste of money that could be better spent on roads that people use every day. Our city leadership just can’t stop dreaming of projects to waste taxpayers money on.

  9. I believe this project is a waste of money and would be better spent on fixing
    the roads in the parrish,rather then fixing the river bank.The river bank is already the citys “baby” and money maker.We need to fix the roads !!
    Lousiana already ranks highly in having the worst roads in the country.

  10. We need to use that money to fix the problems on the river first. Then pay for things that have nothing to do with the river. Please!!

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