LSMSA Virtual School offers online high school credit courses


Middle and high school students from across the state of Louisiana can now enroll in online courses offered by the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts Virtual School.

Course offerings provide instruction for Louisiana TOPS eligibility core courses and higher-level AP courses. Advanced Placement courses are typically available to juniors and seniors only. Both full year and semester block courses are offered. All LSMSA courses meet or exceed state and national standards.

An online course is similar to a regular classroom because there is a full-time certified instructor who engages and coaches student work each week. Courses have a weekly schedule of lessons, assignments, quizzes and activities which meet or exceed state and national mandated standards.

An online course is different from the regular classroom because there may be no one standing over a student’s shoulder making him or her enter the online course. Students need to be self-motivated. Students are allowed to work at any time and in any place; all that is needed is a reliable Internet connection and a computer/tablet. Students may work ahead of the weekly schedule, but should not get behind. This is particularly helpful if a student has scheduling problems. Students may work at home. Some tests and exams may have to be completed at school with a proctor. Students build skills that will make them lifelong learners.

All full year courses are worth one Carnegie credit. These courses span the entire fall and spring semesters ending in May. Students will be given a fall semester and spring semester grade.

Full year courses included Advanced Mathematics (pre-calculus), Algebra I, Algebra II, Calculus, Civics, Earth Science, Fine Arts Survey, French I, French II, Geometry, Latin I, Latin II, Physics, Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III and World History.
Block courses last one semester and are worth one Carnegie credit. Block courses move at a faster pace, completing the same amount of content as a full year course within half the time.

The following courses are offered as either a fall or spring block course: Algebra II, Fine Arts Survey, French I, French II, Geometry, Spanish I, Spanish II and Spanish III.
Advanced Placement courses include Psychology and Spanish Language and Culture.
Students may enroll privately or through their public school. It is important for parents to speak with the public or private school counselor for approval, prior to taking courses.
Tuition for online courses is $712 per one credit regular course and $762 per one credit AP course.

For more information contact Martha Knippers at 1-800-256-2854, e-mail at or visit