Natchitoches community rallies behind law enforcement

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Victor Jones, deputies of the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office along with citizens of Natchitoches Parish extended their sympathy, thoughts and prayers to Dallas Police Department, family and friends of five Dallas Police Officers killed in the Line of Duty July 7.
Sheriff Jones and his deputies have been receiving text messages and phone calls from Natchitoches Parish citizens in support of law enforcement.

Stephane Guerrero delivered a peace lily to the Sheriff’s Office as a token of love and support for law enforcement.

NPSO Deputy Suni Nelson was about to enter her issued police unit when she discovered a message of support stuck to the vehicle.

An anonymous citizen stopped by the Sheriff’s Office and dropped off several goodies. She wanted the deputies to know that people are praying, recognize and appreciate what law enforcement does for Natchitoches Parish.

Tony Hernandez of Natchitoches Huddle House invited all Natchitoches Parish law enforcement to the Huddle House for a free milk shake in support of their hard work.
Justin Rhodes and his wife invited Natchitoches Parish law enforcement to lunch at Raising Canes in appreciation for their service to the community.

A few comments among the multitude posted online in support of law enforcement include:

Pastor Bill Hudson: I’m with the First Baptist Church of Provencal. I wanted you to know we love you, we support you and we appreciate you and your department. Stay safe and know we are all praying for law enforcement.

Lorrie Lindsey: As a daughter of one of the NPSO’s officers, my family and I are praying for the officers daily. The job is not easy. It’s very dangerous and lives are effected daily. This is a horrific tragedy that is taking place on US soil. People need to wake up, get the facts and STOP blaming color. It has to stop. There is so much hate.

Lauren Joines: We are keeping NPSO and all law enforcement officers in our thoughts and prayers every day. God bless and keep you all safe as you protect and serve. Ya’ll are not alone. Your citizens are behind each of you!!

Mary Ann Miller: Thank you for your service and putting your life on the line every day to protect and serve. May God keep watch over you!‬

Linda Fatheree: Without our police and sheriff departments I can’t imagine the evil that would prevail. Thank you ALL for keeping us safe and risking your lives for US ALL every single day.‬ I pray for your safety at all times. God Bless you and watch over you. You are very much appreciated.‬

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  1. I know quite a few officers on the city and sheriff’s department,i just want to say keep up the great work and be safe !

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