Peace vigil calls for unity

NSU Vigil

Students, faculty and administrators at Northwestern State University gathered for a peace vigil Tuesday to honor victims of violence and law enforcement officials who lost their lives in recent weeks. Campus leaders encouraged others to look past race and religion, be slow to anger, embrace community and maintain an open dialogue to help engagement. The event included the lighting of candles, singing, a moment of silence and a prayer for healing and unity.

“The Police Vigil was a beautiful event highlighting the unity between law enforcement and the citizens that they lay their lives on the line for everyday,” said SGA Vice President Tre’ Nelson, a Baton Rouge native. “There were marvelous speeches given by leaders across the NSU Campus that brought closure to many of the audience members. Regardless to who you are, every life has just as much value as another. Social unity begins in communities such as Natchitoches on small scales and grows across the masses.”

2 thoughts on “Peace vigil calls for unity

  1. Here is some unity we can all agree on ,murdering police is evil and BLM is a racist hate group built on lies that fans the flames of division that incites murder from weak minded loons.

    • Clearly you did not attend the vigil or you would know that they spoke on the killing of the police as well as the Black Lives Matter Movement, because only through education and communication can we understand the persecution that is faced by members of the African American community, and prevent more senseless killing on both sides.

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