Take advantage of vacation destinations closer to home

By Junior Johnson

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Nestled among the pine trees on a hill in the Emmamuel Community, also affectionately known as “The Lake,” is a beautiful Prayer Garden overlooking the valley of this wonderful Community. Across the road is the Cemetery of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church. This Prayer Garden, constructed in 1987 by the loving hands, and at the expense of the people in the Community, provides a comforting place for people who come to the Cemetery to pay respects to their loved ones. This wonderful Community is located in a little valley between Cloutierville and Chopin and is, and was, the home of some of the most wonderful people that I have ever known. During the summer, people from the Community bring their families to the Burbie, a stream of water that meanders through the area with white sandy beaches along the way. The smoke from BBQ pits rise and hover over the area as families and friends share precious time together. I know people, myself included, who scrimp and save their nickels and dimes to take a vacation miles from here. We are cheating ourselves by not taking advantage of what is literally in our back yard.

5 thoughts on “Take advantage of vacation destinations closer to home

  1. I was wondering how you spell Burbie. Picked my first sassafras and ate my first muscadine near the church.

  2. Rhonda that must have been a very beautiful ceremony…..There are few places like this in the WORLD…

  3. I’m a Justice of the Peace, it is so beautiful and calming there, that I have actually done a,wedding in the prayer garden.

  4. Love this beautiful place! My mom use to walk me across the Burbie because I was terrifed to ride across on the bridge! Most of my love ones are buried in this peaceful little cemetery! I have many special childhood memories in this little community and love visiting !

  5. I to have memories from these wonderful families, the land, hunting, swimming, being held accountable for my actions, most of all placing my trust in the lord !
    🇺🇸😎 Max

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