Proposed brewery on Mill Street raises concern among South Williams residents

By Natalie Covher

South Williams residents and property owners came out in numbers to the City Council Meeting Monday, July 25 at the Arts Center. They came unified with a group statement for council members in response to the introduction of an ordinance to move forward with the proposed brewery on Mill Street.

Marion Salter, South Williams Homeowners Representative, spoke for the group citing six concerns (See Document Below.) The statement was signed by 81 residents and property owners. Upon the introduction of the ordinance,  Mayor Lee Posey made it clear that the homeowners concerns were taken into full consideration when forming the lease for the property.

CRB Partners LLC will use the property to open the Cane River Brewery and tap room and has indicated that it anticipates that it will have 8-10 employees. The proposed 10-year lease with a rental rate of $1,583 per month included options to purchase. The lease proposed a change of zoning from B-3 to B3 special exception to allow for the operation of a brewery. Improvements and renovations will have to be approved by the City.

The brewery agrees that a special condition of the lease is that any and all lighting installed outdoors will be installed in a manner so the light is directed downward. The brewery agreed to provide samples of any and all outdoor lighting to the City for its approval prior to installation. Unlike in previous proposals there will be no green space or access to Cane River Lake.

The only things in the lease that did not align with the South Williams Homeowners wishes were that the brewery is on the boarder of the Historic District and not included in it, and the threat of noise pollution. The homeowners hope that the brewery will be included in the Historic District. The city has made it clear that because the brewery boarders the Historic District it will have to follow the same noise restrictions. In an effort to further appease the homeowners, Posey announced that an acoustic engineer will be visiting the site in the next two weeks.  Usually,  when an ordinance is introduced,  it is up for vote at the next meeting. This is not the case with this specific ordinance. Posey has decided to wait until after the acoustic engineer’s visit to put it up for a vote.

Other agenda items included:

  • Approved- Ordinance to change zoning of 5811 Hwy. 1 Bypass (Wing Grub Restaurant) from B-3 commercial to an additional B-A zoning to sell beverages of low alcoholic content for consumption on premise.
  • Approved- Ordinance authorizing the city to lease a portion of Second Street to Van Kyzar for 3rd Circuit, setting the terms and conditions of same, and authorizing the execution of the lease, and further providing for advertising of the lease and effective date.
  • Approved- Resolution supporting the National Park System.

The next City Council meeting will be Aug. 8.

4 thoughts on “Proposed brewery on Mill Street raises concern among South Williams residents

  1. I operate a business in the historic business. I have visitors stop in frequently ask what is there to do besides walk down the street and see the shops? Most of them are couples with children of all ages and young to middle age adults. We have got to expand and grow people. If we have other things to do when people go to those businesses they will probably visit front street too but may not have come down just for front street. Don’t get me wrong, I would not want to live or have by business anywhere else. We have an awesome place but it’s time to let it grow. I believe it can be done and keep our historic value.

  2. Wow. Imagine that. The people of Natchitoches fighting against progression. At least it’s not the “fix our roads!” mantra that so many of the backwards town folk love to yell. Natchitoches needs to get out of it’s own way if we ever want to become a thriving town.

  3. most people in Natchitoches are afraid of growth or young people
    having a place to go.There is not many places to go in this city on a weekend,Mommas gets old but has live music,why don’t people on Williams complain ? We should have more places to go,if the city wants us to spend time and money in Natch,then give us more to do .

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