Clubs team up to support children in Natchitoches



The Boys and Girls Club of El Camino Real is a statistically proven, outcome driven program servicing youth in the Natchitoches area. Partnering with the club, the Natchitoches Kiwanis Club hosts and sponsors an end-of-the-year party.

Eliza Behrendsen, chief executive officer, spoke to the Kiwanis Club at its meeting Thursday, July 28. She shared the following statistics collected from 2015:

  • Over 861 children served, which is up from 626 in 2014
  • 121 children served daily
  • 15,428 plus meals served
  • 5,812 plus snacks served
  • Two paid staff members
  • Six NSU work service staff
  • Five LSMSA work service staff
  • Two NSU interns
  • 22 volunteer board members
  • 9,221 plus volunteer hours
  • Over 121 volunteers annually
  • 97 percent funding from donations and local grants
  • $200,000 plus in in-kind services
  • .023 percent government income
  • Over 38 free field trips for club members

“We care about every kid exactly the same,” she said.