Tire & Rim bandits strike again

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Glanelle and Nettles Brown, who reside at 109 Kaffie Drive in Natchitoches woke up this morning (Sunday) to find their new 2016 Chevrolet Silverado High Country missing its wheels and sitting on gardening pavers.   The pavers used in the heist were taken from a neighbors yard two houses down.


8 thoughts on “Tire & Rim bandits strike again

  1. Another burglary in Natchitoches.
    Another Chevy truck had all 4 wheels/rims whatever and tires stolen. These are no petty thieves, this is an organized group of numbnuts. Brick pavers were taken from another neighbors front garden to prop the truck up as each wheel was taken. Additionally the CRIMINALS had the code to break into the cab of the truck for the lugnut locks. They even turned the motion light around so it wouldn’t come on. There is no excuse for the City Police or the DA’s Office not to have a lead on the Ring that’s operating. This town is filled with thugs who’d sellout their mamma. 💰🗑💩🔫

  2. It’s a shame that people will not work for what they want! This happened to my son- in-law a few weeks ago in Shreveport.

  3. Last week my sons car was broke into again on Fairground Rd didn’t take anything just pilfered thru all the compartments and threw his CDs all around the car. College students don’t make much money waiting tables so there was no cash to be taken. Hope the NPD can catch these thieves soon.

  4. It is a quick and easy $800 for about 15 minutes work, Tires and rims new cost over $4,000. They don’t care, they know you file it on your insurance and get almost full recovery price. Same thing happen to me last August in Shreveport, La. I feel for you, now I have cameras all over the house, alarm system, locked gates and park all cars and trucks in garage and still don’t feel safe. You might call police, but they want do anything, because all of the shootings and robbery, going on. They just look at you and file the report for you to give a copy to your insurance adjustor. I hope one day it will all come back to these bastars, I believe in Karma.

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