Magnet holds Open House for 2016-17 school year

Mag_Open House 4

Parents and students alike were excited to attend Magnet’s Open House Thursday evening, Aug. 4. While it will take some time to learn the layout of the new building, students were excited to see their classrooms and find out which friends were assigned to the homerooms with them. Parents filled out paperwork while their children visited and caught up on summer vacations.

One thought on “Magnet holds Open House for 2016-17 school year

  1. I wish parents would have shown more concern toward the school board taking kids away from parks an moving them. This is so totally unfair to the kids. They should have put these kids all over the parish. It’s unfair to show favoritism toward one group. What does this teach our children? That you can be uprooted without warning. Especially if you live in the Brahma Dr., Bailey Heights, MLK neighbothoods! Parents you all failed, an I say this because when the school board made the suggestion, y’all should have been on it. Since the judge ruled in favour, I guess if parents pulled together, maybe the decision could be over ruled.

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