Cloutierville Bulldogs are ready for new school year

CV Open House 2
“We’re preparing all our students for success one day at a time,” said Principal Sandy Irchirl. Cloutierville Elementary and Jr. High held an Open House and student registration event Aug. 7. With approximately 298 students, the teachers and staff are excited and ready to keep the kids in school. Some of the school staff handed out punch and cookies while parents filled out paperwork.

3 thoughts on “Cloutierville Bulldogs are ready for new school year

  1. I have been a prek tutor for 4 1/2 years and I love working with this group of people they are talented teachers and staff and we all love these kids like they are family and we have such a wonderful principal,coordinator and Secretary we work as a Bulldog team and I’m glad that I get to call Cloutierville Elementary /Jr.High home Go Bulldogs!!!!!

  2. So EXCITED! GREAT TEACHERS AND STAFF. This was my school from kindergarten through 8th. So many memories when my husband and I registered our 3 youngins. AWESOME!

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