Coach Micah Coleman speaks at Lion’s Club

By Natalie Covher

The Natchitoches Lion’s Club met Monday, Aug. 8 at the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center. Natchitoches Central High School Basketball Coach Micah Coleman was the guest speaker. He spoke to the club about the culture of the team and how it enables them to achieve success. Coleman was proud to share with the club that Principal Bill Gordy announced the new school score with the faculty today and that NCHS received an 85 making them a “B” school.

“We want the culture of our team to serve our school,” said Coleman. “A good school benefits the whole community. To us our culture isn’t how we believe but how we act. If you say something but don’t have any follow through that is just lip service. Doing what is right and being honest are the two cornerstones of the culture we have created on the team. I want my players to do what is right not because it is popular but simply because it is the right thing to do. We have promised to be honest to each other. That is the only way we can operate successfully. Two other things we value on the team are being tough and smart because we don’t want to be average; we want to be great.”

In the last 3 years the team has been in the top 28 in the final four of high school basketball. They have had three straight appearances in the State Championship. Their district record for the last 3 years is 29-1. Twice in the last 3 years the team ranked number one in Louisiana and top 40 in the nation. Last year they were selected by Max Prep as one of the best teams in the country.

After winning the championship Coleman wanted the team to have a memento of the win. He wanted each player to have a championship ring.

“So many community members stepped up to help with the rings,” said Coleman. “They are not cheap. I feel blessed to live in a community that values the children. In turn, the children will grow up learning to give back to their community.”

NCHS junior and basketball player Brian White also spoke.

“I’ve been told that you should always be there for people who are there for you,” said White. “When I found out about how much y’all have helped us, I knew I wanted to come along with coach today. He makes sure school is first and basketball comes second. He has taught all of us so much more than basketball.”