Ms. Daisy retires after 50 years in the food service industry

ms daisy retires

“After 75 years, don’t you think it’s time for me to go to my house?”
This was the response of Daisy Jackson, better known as Ms. Daisy, when asked why she was retiring from the food service industry after 50 years.

“It’s time for me to go home,” she added.
Her career began in 1966 in the newly-opened cafeteria located on the campus of Northwestern State University.

“It was a brand new building,” she said. “That was when I was making $1.45 an hour. I still have some of those check stubs. They were feeding thousands of children over there.”
Daisy started working on the dishwashing line. From there, she went to the line and then the salad line.

In 2006, she made the decision to leave NSU and begin her 10-year career at the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts.

At LSMSA, her favorite part of the job was meeting the faculty, staff and students.
“The kids love me,” Daisy said. “Children who graduated still call me and still send me cards all of the time. It’s been a pleasure working here.”

A memorable time for Daisy was when the lights at LSMSA went out one year and it was dark in the cafeteria.

“Me and Ms. Margaret took my lighter and cooked for the kids,” she said. “The children really gave us praise for that. They made posters and all of them signed it. That made us feel good to know.”

Her plans after retirement include traveling and fishing.

“Trust me, I am going to find something to do,” she said. “When it gets a little cooler, I am going to do a little fishing. Then I am going to do a little cooking. The rest of the story, I am going to sit down, rest, watch television and nod the rest of the day.”

Her final words of wisdom before leaving the LSMSA cafeteria for the last time:
“There ain’t but one Daisy, and there ain’t no more like her.”

12 thoughts on “Ms. Daisy retires after 50 years in the food service industry

  1. Awe congrats cuzin on those 50 year.

    Fast Forward ❤❤
    11/17/17 – You are now in your Heavenly home with your daughter, Mom, Dad & all your siblings. They greeted you @ the pearls gates.
    Rest Peacefully until we meet again

  2. BUTCH

    A wonderful and most definitely amazing lady! My cuz that is just like Ali The Greatest. A lady that can cook some real soul food that is beyond delicious.


  3. Congratulations Cousin Daisy. I know my mom (Ceola Jackson) is smiling down from heaven. I still remember well how the two of you cried when you saw each other. You all were so glad because you hadn’t seen each other in years.

    Enjoy your retirement.

    Love you, Rosie (Ceola’s Daughter)

  4. Congratulations to my sister-in-law for her 50 years of service! She really loved her job, and I know it was a difficult decision for her to retire. I hope she truly takes advantage of this retirement, because she has made a priority of taking care of others and ignoring her own needs. May God bless you to enjoy this retirement for many many years Daisy. We love you!!! From your family, Mickey and Felicia Berguin in Houston, TX.

  5. Congratulations Cousin Daisy!! What an awesome article for an AMAZING, hard working person! Also, Congrats from your Aunt Dess & the entire family!! We are ALL very happy that you’re finally retiring!! Wishing you health & happiness! Do WHATEVER makes YOU HAPPY!! Hugs & Love!! 💜

  6. While I have never had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Daisy, and never even lived in the area, through family (Phillips, Wilson’s, Bowie’s, Nash’s, Fowler’s, Caldwell’s) who lives or did live there and knew her, I have certainly heard of her kind heart, loving spirit and her obvious dedication to the service of mankind. I too, am retired and I pray to have the opportunity to meet this wonderful woman. Plans are in the works for a Reunion and grand Celebration in honour of the ‘100th’ Anniversary of The Phillips One Room School’, Atlanta, Winn Parish, Louisiana, in 2018 and I pray to meet the remarkable, Mrs. Daisy during that time. Congratulations Mrs. Daisy!

  7. Daisy,
    You are the best! I can tell you from experience that you will not sit down for long. It is in our genes to keep moving and helping others in whatever way we can. I am now on my fourth retirement. Duh-h-h! So, if you are really serious, please come to BOSTON.

  8. I work with Mrs. Daisy years ago, she is a honest, straight forward kind of lady. If u listen u can learn something. Congratulations Mrs. Daisy u deserve this

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