Lions Club inducts new member

By Natalie Covher

District Governor Mike Trainor visited the Natchitoches Lions Club at its meeting Aug. 22. He inducted new member Josh Pierson. A blindfold was used in the induction ceremony. His sponsor Brandon McKee led him from the back of the room, to the front.

“Hopefully this will be the last time that you’ll ever have to be guided through the dark,” said Trainor. “You have done something that a person without sight does every day.”

During the induction, Trainor explained how Helen Keller requested the Lions Club be the knights of the blind. He spoke of Lion pride for their efforts to eradicate the dreaded disease of blindness. McKee then presented Pierson with his pin, placing it on his lapel. Trainor presented McKee with a special “100-year sponsor” pin to commemorate the club’s 100th year.

Trainor thanked the club for its donation. “It goes a long way,” he said. “Only 30 percent of the clubs actually donate.”

He also recounted the story of how he became a Lion at heart. He saw a man experiencing head pain and convinced him to have his eyes checked. After the screening, a blood vessel was found that was about to burst. The man immediately scheduled an appointment with a doctor. If the blood vessel had burst, the man would have been blinded.

“That was when I knew I knew Lion-ism was in my heart,” said Trainor. “If I hadn’t been there, that man would be blind today.”

Lions are preparing the district conference Sept. 24 in Shreveport. The speaker will be Phillip McMillan from Duck Dynasty.