Class of 2016 at LSMSA crushes state average ACT composite score

act report - 2016


Members of the class of 2016 at the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts matched the school’s highest average ACT composite score in the history of the school, set the previous year by the class of 2015.

Graduates in the class of 2016 posted a composite of 29.2 on the national college admissions and placement test, according to data released earlier in the week.

“Testing can often give hit or miss results that don’t provide good consistent details about student potential for success,” said Dr. Steve Horton, executive director. “The consistency in our students’ high performance on the ACT over the past years is definitely an indication of the preparedness of our students as they pursue higher education studies.I am proud of the students and the faculty who prepared them.”

The ACT is scored on a scale of 1 – 36. Students receive scores in four testing areas, which are combined for the composite score.The sub scores for LSMSA were 30.5 in English, 27.3 in mathematics, 30.2 in reading and 28.1 in science.

The school’s score outpaced the state average by several points. The average composite was 19.5.

“We take great pride on our student’s success on the ACT, especially as it reflects aspects of college readiness,” said Dr. Kristi Key, director of academic services. “It is our hope that each graduating senior will leave here well prepared for college success, not just in the core areas assessed by the ACT, but also in skills related to critical thinking and critical inquiry.Our students and faculty work diligently in these areas, and I think those efforts are reflected on our ACT composite score.”

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