Was a Secret Meeting Held by Parish Council Members?


NPJ obtained a copy of the letter from Councilman Chris Paige to fellow Councilman and Chairman Russell Rachal in which he advises Mr. Rachal to refrain from interfering with the day-to-day operations of their only employee.  Council members Patsy Ward-Hoover and Rodney Bedgood also executed the letter showing their agreement with Mr. Paige’s recommendations. Did the Council Clerk prepare the letter and obtain the signatures of the Council members?  A copy of the letter was sent to Councilman Doug de Graffenried. The signed letter containing the recommendations of the three Council members was mailed in a Parish envelope and the Parish’s postal machine was used to mail the letter.

Council members Chris Paige, Patsy Ward-Hoover and Rodney Bedgood previously refused to go into Executive Session at the July Council meeting.  Did they instead decide to have a secret meeting? Have these three Council members violated the Open Meetings Act? Does their interference in the supervision of the Council’s employee violate Section 2.06 of the Home Rule Charter which Mrs. Ward-Hoover herself said was the Council’s bible?


3 thoughts on “Was a Secret Meeting Held by Parish Council Members?

  1. Someone or somehow, steps need to be taken to stop these 3 renegade elected officials and have sanctions brought against them from the State of Louisiana level. Their actions and behavior are unethical and in violation of the code of conduct they were sworn to uphold under oath.

  2. To the three council members like it or not Mr. Rachal is the Chairman of the council and should be involved in the day-to-day operations of the employee who is NOT following the rules. Why would you not want him to be? And why would you not want that employee following the rules Did you three have a private meeting? And why did you have such a meeting without all members present? What is your HIDDEN agenda? We want some answers to your actions. Do I really expect any of you three to answer? No I really don’t expect any. There’s always the next election………

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