Birthday party celebrates DAR member

Colleen's Birthday

Friends and fellow DAR members surrounded Dr. Colleen Lancaster at her 90th birthday party Aug. 30. As the Honorary Chapter Regent for the Natchitoches Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Chapter showed its appreciation for all the work she’s done. Rosie Finical decorated her home in the red and blue colors of the DAR. A similarly themed cake was served to guests as they honored Colleen for her patriotism and dedication.

“She’s a tough and sweet lady,” said Linnye Daily Clark.

Dr. Margaret Wheat Carter said Colleen has kept the Natchitoches DAR Chapter together over the years.

Colleen’s neighbor Martha Maynard and soon-to-be neighbor in 2 months, Markay Cunningham, commented on her dedication to their DAR Chapter.

“She’s a very determined and talented lady,” said Markay. “She follows through with what she decides to do.”

Martha agreed. “She’s a wonderful neighbor and supporter of the DAR. I admire her ability to get up and go no matter what.”

“She’s an amazing person who has accomplished a great deal in her lifetime,” said Wanda St. Andre. “Happy Birthday Colleen.”
Photo: From left are Diane Gunter, Emily Wofford, Linnye Daily Clark (in back), Mary White, Julie Callahan, Anna Airheart, Martha Maynard, Mary Linn Wernet, Donna Brewer, Arnetta Hyams, Rosie Finical, Wanda St. Andre, Billie Gibson, Dr. Margaret Wheat Carter and Dr. Colleen Lancaster.