Kiwanians play games and plan for the future

By Natalie Covher

Kiwanis members had a little fun and discussed proposed changes to the club Thursday, Sept. 1 at the NSU recreation complex.

No one can say that Kiwanians don’t have fun. Club members Greg Dunn, Jason Methvin and David Waskom volunteered to play a fun game. They each stuffed marshmallow after marshmallow in their mouths without swallowing. After each marshmallow they had to say “Kiwanis is about service.” Jason Methvin won by fitting in the most. After a good laugh members got down to business, discussing the changes to be voted on Sept. 22.

“The changes will help us focus on what Kiwanis is all about, the children,” said Rodney Boswell. “Reducing our dues will hopefully attract new members to help us with service projects so we can reach more children.”

The other big change is how the club meets. If the proposed changes go through the club will meet on the first Thursday of the month at noon at the recreation complex to listen to a speaker. This meeting will be open to anyone interested in becoming a Kiwanian. The club will meet the second Thursday of the month after hours for a social. On the third Thursday members will meet at noon at the recreation complex to have an interactive meeting focused on planning service projects. In lieu of a fourth meeting the club will get together to complete a service project.

“Everything is being refocused towards service,” said Dion Boyett. “The drop in dues hopefully means more members but it also means more fundraising. We want a club full of active members working for the community.”

Guests were Sandra Foster of Legacy Hospice and Meredith Phelps, NCHS senior and Miss Merry Christmas Pageant contestant.

The annual Kiwanis Banquet will be held Sept. 29 at the Natchitoches Events Center.

The Kiwanis School Uniform Drive is underway and will last through the month of September. Drop off locations include Waskom-Brown Associates and Bank of Montgomery. New and gently used donations are being accepted.