Marthaville community comes together to support victims


All it took was a photo to rally the Marthaville Gators, a close knit baseball family. The photo, which has gone viral, was of a boy named Ethan crying in his room after he discovered all of his baseball belongings destroyed during the flood in South Louisiana. Wanting to help get him some baseball decorations, the team’s efforts quickly turned into something bigger.

The Marthaville Good Ole Days Queens and Marthaville First Baptist Church were already collecting donations. Stacy Strahan contacted Ethan’s mom on Facebook and began collecting donations. Ethan was already receiving stuff from people around the country because of his heartbreaking picture, so his mother asked the Gators to help her community.

Dana Durr and Stacy were trying to figure out how to get Ethan a bedroom set, but finances weren’t working so they prayed for help. Right after Stacy get a message from Susie Riggs, a former Gator parent, who had a whole baseball themed bedroom set including a bunk bed, sheets, comforter and all the décor to match.

“We wanted to help Ethan,” said Stacy. “It could have easily been one of our kids.”

Stacy got loaves of bread, peanut butter and jelly to pass out with 61 already packed storage bins full of necessities, from clean up gear, to toiletries and supplies. This would go to 61 families down in the French Settlement community when the Gators and their families drove down.

They also prayed for the means to feed people plate lunches. Prayers answered, a local business donated everything they needed to cook for the community on their trip. Another business supplied 85 cases of water.

“The Marthaville community came together and helped so many families down south,” said Stacy. “It was an amazing experience that touched all of our lives.”

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  1. The best people in the world live in Marthaville, Louisiana the happiest time of my life was the time I spent in Marthaville, I’ll never forget when we move down there because we had always lived in the city I had no idea what changes were going to made in my life and I remember asking my cousin Bernice do u think those people will like me, hahah not only did they like me they loved me and even tho we didn’t live there for lots of years anytime I speak of home it is always Marthaville Louisiana I am speaking of

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