City declares list of building unsafe

The City Council declared a list of 13 buildings unsafe at its meeting Monday, Sept. 12. They recommended that the properties be demolished or put into repair to comply with the building code. The City Building Inspector and the Director of Planning and Zoning, Juanita Fowler, filed written reports declaring the buildings listed are in a dangerous and unsanitary condition, which makes them unsafe and endangering the public welfare. Letters were sent out to homeowners in July.

“We’ve spent a lot of time and energy talking to the property owners,” said Fowler. “We asked them to come before the Council so the record can reflect their intentions.”
“The clock is ticking,” said Mayor Lee Posey. “We’re trying to clean up our community and we’re going to keep moving on these types of properties.”

The list included:

310 Sanford St.: Ciller Miller C/O Janice Carter

*The back of this mobile home burned several years ago and the whole structure was condemned because the fire tore holes in every room. Structure needs to be torn down.

108 Mayfield St.: Margaret Davis and Ethel D. Perkins C/O Barbara Hicks

*Issued a permit for work to begin
610 Amulet St.: Braxton Land Company LLC

*No Response (This is the old Lott Oil building)
1301 Dixie St.: Lester R. and Veronica M. Thomas

*Owner bought property with the intent to rehabilitate a little over 2 years ago. He has bought new windows and other materials but time constraints have made it hard for him to perform the work. The Planning and Zoning Department will provide the owner with a list of improvement to bring it up to code within a 60 day timeframe.
1412 Amelia St.: Pearl Below, et al

*No Response
847 Pavie St.: Cynthia B. Adams C/O Ola Bradley

*No Response
1514 Lake St.: Dennis Edmond Est. C/O Roderick Wafer

1006 Pavie St.: Nathan F. and Florence B. Washington C/O Mary L. Thompson

*Was demolished
1428 Phillips St.: Betty Singleton C/O Andre Singleton

*No response
932 Dixie St.: Alphonse LaCour et al C/O Sam LaCour

* Property owner agreed with the Council that the structure needs to be torn down.

*Owner’s husband purchased the home when he was younger. After losing his job in the oil field when gas prices dropped, the house fell into disrepair. The owners will clean up the lot and secure the house. It will be demolished by Nov. 1.
804 Salim St.: Dorothy Washington et al

*No response (mobile home that burned down in January)
941 Sixth St.: Mildred Joseph

*Owner bought the property at a tax sale about 3 years ago. She has a buyer and plans to clean up debris within 60 days.

Note:  All images obtained from Google Earth.