2016 Christmas Festival Poster Unveiled

YouTube Poster

The Natchitoches Arts Council unveiled the 2016 Natchitoches Christmas Festival poster on Thursday, September 22 at Dickens & Co. in Natchitoches. The poster was created by Anna Dieter of Natchitoches. In her own words, she describes the inspiration for the piece as follows:

“I wanted to capture the beauty and essence of Natchitoches with some of the iconic landmarks of our historic city. Everyone can relate to something in this piece, and while looking at small details, you can see the personal touches that give it the hometown southern charm, honoring the ones we love and remember and bringing back memories we cherish from a city that is unforgettable. I thank God for guiding and directing me throughout the process of creating this piece. I am honored to be the 2016 Christmas Festival poster artist.”

Numbered prints of the 37th Annual Limited Edition Natchitoches Christmas Poster are now available and on sale to the public. Earnings from poster sales are used to fund an Art Scholarship at NSU and to sponsor art camps and projects in the community. “It is our goal to sell as many posters as possible so that we can expand our donations to additional art endeavors. We believe that art is a vital part of our culture here in Natchitoches as well as a creative outlet for all to enjoy!” stated Karen Terrell.

The price for all available posters is $35 each. This includes one mini poster. Extra mini posters can be purchased for $3 each. Posters may be purchased at the Natchitoches Arts Council office located at the Community Development Office (City Hall Annex), 420 Fourth Street, Natchitoches, Louisiana. All of the original artwork can also be viewed at the Natchitoches Arts Council office.

For more information, please call Karen Terrell at (318) 352-6925 or Alicia Rachal at (318) 357-3838.