ConventionSouth Magazine releases its 2016 list of “The South’s Top 10 Small Markets with BIG Music”


This September, ConventionSouth magazine, a national multimedia resource for those who plan events held within the South, asked readers and Facebook fans to vote for the cities they felt were the best places for music and to hold a meeting or event. The Facebook ballot provided a list of 30 small market destinations across the South to select from and the top 10 vote-getters are receiving recognition as the “South’s Top 10 Small Markets with BIG Music.”
The winners are:
Florence/Lauderdale County • Alabama
Wytheville • Virginia
Natchitoches • Louisiana
Cumberland • Maryland
Jackson • Tennessee
Lubbock • Texas
San Marcos • Texas
Bartlesville • Oklahoma
Stillwater • Oklahoma
Alexandria • Louisiana

Each city will be featured in the November issue of ConventionSouth.

Readers and fans were asked to vote on destinations where groups can best experience unique music while holding a meeting or event, according to ConventionSouth Editor Marcia Bradford. “Meeting Planners and event organizers from across the country look for unique destinations in the South to hold their meetings and events, and ConventionSouth’s 2016 list of the ‘South’s Top 10 Small Markets with Big Music” provides these planners with interesting insights on some of the South’s most alluring smaller cities for musical fun. Cities with a rich musical heritage and vibrant music scene bring an added layer of excitement to a meeting or event. This allows meeting planners to create unique themes during their events, infuse upbeat rhythms to their events, and increase attendance and attendee engagement. By adding the element of music to an event, meeting planners create a more memorable experience for attendees and therefore, increase the success of the gathering.”

5 thoughts on “ConventionSouth Magazine releases its 2016 list of “The South’s Top 10 Small Markets with BIG Music”

  1. I don’t think you can say Natchitoches has a music scene or a great one.
    If you wanna Hear Billy O’con every other weekend at Mama’s,or Katrice or Rick Pierce.I have heard some good music at Jazz festival,but on a regular basis…I don’t think Natchitoches is your place.

    • That was my point , you have the College for Classical and a very small number of locals playing a couple venues with no young bands and no touring bands. No new blood

  2. Music Scene , my definition , different genres , different venues , 3 or 4 bands on the show some local some touring 10pm to 2am , small places only week ends , in a city every night of the week.

  3. As with the jazz/rock “music scene” in most towns and cities, it happens in eating establishments. Such as the “jazz clubs” of Chicago (or New Orleans, for that matter). Naturally, the classical scene happens at the university, and there is PLENTY of it. THE “MUSICAL SCENE” OS ALIVE AND WELL IN NATCHITOCHES!

  4. vibrant music scene ? I love Natchitoches , but , Natchitoches has no music scene.I look for music scenes , great classical at the collage ,talented locals who can play , but no scene.

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